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Cocktail Recipe:: Martini Royale Bianca

There is nothing like an icy cocktail on a spring day, and this Martini Royale Bianca is one of my favorites. You’ll love it!

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Martini factory. Some of you might know the brand as Martini and Rossi, but in Europe it’s simply known as Martini. The factory is beautiful. It’s built on the foundation of the original factory which was a mansion with a vast wine cellar that acted as the test lab for the original vermouth recipe. Talk about history!

One of the drinks we tried during the trip was the Martini Royale Bianca. Give it a try for yourself using my recipe below!

Martini Royale Bianca
serves 1
You will need:
– 1/2 squeezed lime
– 1 part  Martini white vermouth
– 1 part Martini prosecco

To prepare:
Pour ingredients over ice and garnish with a fresh lime wedge. Enjoy!

xx Annette

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Martini Grand Prix Finale {a cocktail competition}

Martini Granprix

As many of you may know, I am in Italy over the next couple of weeks at our home here on the Italian Riviera. Fall on the Riviera is a lovely: cool, windy, sunny, and sometimes cloudy.

Last week, I took a couple friends to a cocktail competition in Milano. It was supposed to be held at Expo, a giant world congress of food, but unfortunately the weather was not cooperative, and it was moved to a very very hip hotel called NHOW.

Martini Granprix

Four barmen from all over the EU were the finalists. Each barman was challenged with creating a Martini cocktail {Martini and Rossi} using products in the line.

Martini Granprix Italy-Walter Grosso

Martini Granprix France- Nicolas Lasjuiriallas

Martini Granprix England- Dominic Whisson

Martini Granprix Spain- Miguel Munoz

The venue was a buzz, and we had amazing seats thanks to my friends at Martini.

Martini Granprix

When the competition began, each finalist had 2 minutes to prepare their cocktail. They each told a brief description of their cocktail and then began.

Martini Granprix

It was super fun to watch, and after the demonstration, everyone was allowed to sample the cocktails. I of course had my favorite. I loved Dominic’s from England. After nibbles and drinks, the winner was announced, Italy won…he was cute; he cried, and we cheered.

Martini Granprix

It was a most enjoyable afternoon with the Martini team.

Martini Granprix

Thanks so much…more Italian adventures to come! Look for “house hunting” next week. Yes, I am still on the hunt for the perfect location for workshops, cooking classes, and more in Italy.

Photo Credit: me

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