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Fete du Citron


One of the things I love most about living on the Italian Riviera is that we are so close to France. One of my favorite little sea side towns is about 45 minutes away, Menton.

I have written about Menton before, because it’s the home of my favorite flea market.

Recently, I met my friend food blogger and photographer, Jennifer who lives there for the Fete du Citron, a festival of Lemons, held every year mid February, This year it took place from February 13th – March 2nd. It was the 83rd annual Fete although Jennifer tells me that these amazing themed displays have only been part of the festival for about 20 years. This year, the theme was Italian Cinema, so of course you know how much I adore La Dolce Vita, and yes there was an actual display of La Dolce Vita the movie complete with the Trevi Fountain out of lemons and oranges. A truly insane display and extremely entertaining.



IMG_8153-e1455872133382 FullSizeRender

Citrus stands dot the city, and I got to try all types of citrus including a citrus fruit that was new to me. In French Cédrat, when cut the center, reveals a large mild pith and a small area of actual lemon fruit.



Sliced thin, it has a mild and fragrant citrus taste. Jennifer told me to slice the cédrat thin and drizzle with Olive oil and sprinkled with salt. I have to admit it sounded like a weird combination, but of course I tried it that evening, and it was delicious. The fruit has the consistency of an apple with a light crunch, so it holds up to the oil and salt. I love it when I find new food, and this was a surprise for sure. Thanks to Jennifer for giving me her tour of Menton, a place she loves and lives in.

xx, Annette


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Menton, France | part two

IMG_4875 IMG_4879

My favorite little market building is about 40 minutes drive from Alassio in Menton, France. It’s simply charming, about 50,000 square feet filled with crusty bread of all shapes and sizes, chickpea pancakes called Socca, runny cheeses made from an assortment of milk as well as fish, meat, fruits and vegetables, lemon honey and rose wine. You can even find lavender soaps and sachets. The perfect little one-stop shopping experience.

IMG_4881 IMG_4882 IMG_4885 2 IMG_4886

As you can tell I love it. I will be conducting a prop/food styling photography workshop in Italy next summer and I hope you will consider it, and there will be a day trip to Menton (TBA).

Menton is a magical little place, although it’s a resort town, it never fails to charm me. One of the amazing things here is that the region grows lemons the size of your head and is known for lemon ice, lemon honey and limoncello. I had a lemon ice while I strolled the market and bought a few essentials to bring home.

I had the perfect morning in Menton, and I will be going back before I leave this summer. It’s a sunny place filled with yummy things.

See more of Menton in Part 1.

Ciao a presto xx

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