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Milan Furniture Show Part 3

This is my final post on the Milan Furniture Show. What did we see? Kelly and I wandered for what seemed like miles through the throngs of design people and chairs, sofas and tables, carpets and lighting…

One of my favorite places was the Walter Knoll trade booth. Such high quality design. With all the knock offs and medium range home decor out there, I sometimes forget that there are manufacturers that simply believe in the best quality, attention to frames, construction and fit, countless hours spent on the perfect fabric and fittings. Walter Knoll reminded me why I love interior design in the first place. Cassina and Poliform were also highlight stops as was the Minotti booth.

There is no substitution for quality. It inspired me for my own tabletop collection that debuts this fall, that I too should make sure that every detail is attended to. You bet I will. Can’t wait to show you guys!

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Milan Furniture Show Part 2

Trend Alert! At The Milan Furniture show the color yellow was everywhere. I saw pops of mustard yellow on clothing and in touches on the furnishings. We took a champagne break mid day and enjoyed the Veuve Clicquot, needless to say it was the best yellow accessory at the show! You can read more about the Milan Furniture show here and I’ll have one last post to share next monday.

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Milan Furniture Fair 2013

As most of you know I am spending April at our home in Italy. April is my annual girls’ trip, and we are having a blast eating, shopping and touring in my town and through the region. One of my guests is architect/interior designer Kelly Hines, so when she proposed that we add the Milan Furniture Fair to our agenda during our girls trip this week, I jumped at the idea. Kelly and I hopped in the car and headed to Milan, 2.5 hours north. We stored our bags at the hotel and hopped the metro to The Milan Furniture Fair which is located in the outskirts of Milan at the convention center.

The fair is huge, I mean giant, I mean spaceship giant. We walked all day, seeing the newest and best in contemporary interior design. Fantastic finds making my heart beat a little faster. Eye candy everywhere.
One of the best parts of the show are the after parties or as the Italians say aperitivi. One of  the most inspiring was the Ingo Maurer lighting party. Ingo Maurer {The inventor of low voltage commercial lighting} did not disappoint us.

Set in a slightly seedier part of town on the first floor of a rather run down building {which made the lighting display somehow even more appealing} were the most amazing light fixtures you could imagine. As the Italians say “supercool.” Guests were greeted with a white light installation including a large outdoor over-scaled picnic table plopped in the middle of a well worn courtyard. Suspended white shaded hanging lamps arranged in a grand sculpture hung high above the table. Stunning. Hipness and fashion everywhere, flash bulbs flashing. It was a scene.

A banquet table set on the far side of the first floor loft space had floating candles that magically hovered 2 feet above the table in front of a mural of the last supper. This was the centerpiece of the mammoth room, mouth dropping awesomeness. These floating candles are available for purchase, as of now the magical lighting was only available to see on the big screen in a movie you might remember… Harry Potter. Campari lights, flying lit cakes, cracked eggs, and flying plates of spaghetti rounded out the collection. The party was a blast, but the lighting was even more exciting. Ingo Maurer is known for his lighting design genius and sense of humor. His new collection was impressive and innovative and ahead of the curve in every way.

This is the Campari Light, genius!

yes a slice of cake as a lamp … What???

The next few inspiration Mondays will be my recall of all things design from my finds at the fair.

Inspired… is an understatement.

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