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Maryam Montague’s Cocktail of the Week

  headshot: Tiffany Kirchner Dixon  cocktail image: Stephanie Alman

Maryam Montague did not set out to become a internationally recognized designer and blogger. She and her husband moved to Marrakesh (temporarily, so she thought) while pursuing their careers (his in architecture, hers as a humanitarian specializing in democracy). While there, they set about creating a beautiful and comfortable environment for themselves and their children. Maryam began documenting it in her aptly named blog, My Marrakesh. Fast forward several years, and Maryam and her husband now run Peacock Pavilions, a boutique guesthouse, so that they can help others can enjoy the magic of Morocco. She was generous enough to share a cocktail recipe of hers that could only be more amazing if you were to sip it while staying at her place in Morocco!

Peacock Prohibition Tea
3 lemon wedges
Sugar syrup
2 oz. Gin
Dash of orange flower water
Earl Grey tea (cooled)
3 oz. Lemonade

Muddle lemon wedges in cocktail shaker with a little bit of sugar syrup (syrup recipe). Add gin to shaker with a dash of orange flower water. Pour a good bit of Earl Grey tea (cooled) and some ice cubes into shaker and shake vigorously. Strain into ice filled high ball glass. Top glass with lemonade and a few more cubes of ice. Garnish with mint and serve!

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