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Mykonos the Grand Greek Island

Agios Sostis

Agios Sostis

As most of you may know, we recently took a trip to Mykonos, Greece. This wasn’t ourĀ first trip; we have been visiting for over 20 years. Our first trip to this island was dusty and gritty but scenic. It was filled with party beaches and hectic traffic, but mainly it was super sleepy and behind the times…which of course made it fantastically charming. Over the years we have watched the transition as Mykonos became the St. Tropez of the Greek Isles. This year we were called to a Big Fat Greek Gay Wedding which included drag queens, drones and a wedding party all in white. This wedding extravaganza was officiated by my husband, as the grooms are our besties. The circus-like atmosphere, was very Mykonos and did not disappoint. We had a blast.

Joanna's and Niko's Place

Joanna’s and Niko’s Place

Over the years, we have stayed all over the island, but this time we rented a private villa about 30 minutes out of town. Since we know the Island so well, it really was the perfect getaway.

We dined at our favorite beach restaurant on Elia Beach. The Greek salad is to die for as is the Taramosalata (roe salad my favorite), along with crisp Rose wine; it makes for the perfect lunch at the beach. Of course we have to have the grilled squid as well. Needless to say we ate well.



Elia Beach Restaurant

Elia Beach Restaurant


One of the highlights was our photo safari. We photographed cows, beaches (Focos Beach) and fauna. The island is still full of hidden beaches, but they are getting harder and harder to find.

Focos Beach

Focos Beach


Mykonos is still a fantastic destination, even with the jet setters, helicopters and black SUVs moving in. The donkeys and cows still rule the landscape for now…

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Food Friday: Matthew Taverna | Mykonos, Greece

One of the best things about traveling to the same location year after year is that you get to know all the best places to eat authentic cuisine. Our friends spend the summer in Mykonos, so when we visit, they take us to all their favorite places, and some of them are best kept secrets. Matthews Taverna is on a busy street, across from the new port. A large terrace wraps it’s way around a hectic street corner and makes parking very exciting.

Traffic on Mykonos is maddening (!) but it’s worth the risk once you step inside this beautiful restaurant. In the back of the restaurant are 2 cooler cases filled with fresh salads. Make your way back there and select your starters. I personally love the Taramasalata, a mixture of fish roe and either potatoes or bread (our Greek friends say you can tell the quality of a Greek restaurant by there Tarama). If that’s the case… Matthews is number 1. The octopus salad and beet salads are also a must. Not to be missed. Matthews will be a permanent fixture on our “dining out in Mykonos” list from now on.

Pictured above are the octopus salad, my friend Dimetri, and the finished Tarama. Delish.Have a great weekend everyone!

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