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Wendy has a colorful twist to her juice regime!

I had to share my friend Wendy’s brilliant twist to her January juice regime. We were having a foot massage last Saturday and talking about juice recipes when Wendy mentioned her brilliant twist to my juice plan. I’ll let her tell you all about it:

Pumpkin pistachio peanut butter pancakes, triple layer chocolate buttercream birthday cake, bacon egg & cheese
everything bagels, champagne and St Germaine, my list of holiday and birthday indulgences goes on and on. So
when Annette told me about her 21 day juice cleanse….I was in! Plus I just got a brand new Vitamix that I was dying to use.

And so it began…Day 1: was kinda fun, it was all new and exciting. Day 2: I was a little angry and hungry. Day 3: I was tired and feeling a little loopy. On Day 4: the magic happened! I was feeling awesome, light, energetic, my skin felt glowy and I knew I was in for the full 21 days. To help me from getting bored and straying from the plan I knew I had to get a little creative with my juices.

So here a few ideas from my little bag of tricks: I love drinking my breakfast juice in a fancy glass, it feels special! My fav is my 1930’s champagne glass! I transport my juice to work in cute little glass milk bottles, so my portions are already made up, anything to keep it easy! (http://www.shopsweetlulu.com/item/Petite-Glass-Bottles/23/c4). During the first few days, my bottles were all the same color (blech…boring!) So now, I mix up my colors. For example my juice today included 1 banana, 1 orange, cup of pineapple, cup of blueberries, 2 cups of spinach & 1 cup of ice…and an apple…I always throw in a apple! So instead of putting it all in at once I started with the banana, orange, pineapple & apple, blend and pour the pretty orange-y mixture into one of my milk bottles. With plenty of goodness remaining in the Vitamix, I threw in the blueberries, blend, and pour the pretty purple-y juice into a bottle. Then for one last variation I added the spinach and filled my remaining bottles with the green mix! It’s just a fun way to add a variety of color and taste into your day!

thanks Wendy I guess I will be drinking all sorts of color today…

photo: scott lowden photography. and wendy sugarman lowden and me

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