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My 21 day Juice Cleanse

Annette Joseph | 21 Day Juice Cleanse 2014 – time to start your engines! And by engines I mean start your juicers.

As many of you already know I like to call January “Juice January.” Why? Because for the past 3 years it’s been a tradition to start my year off with a juice cleanse. This year I would love to have you along for the ride. It’s a simple plan… I juice all day and eat a clean meal for dinner. I will be sharing some of my favorite juice combinations and would love to hear any of your go-to juice recipes as well.

I use a Breville Juice Fountain, which I love but any juicer will do.

img21c My plan starts on January 2 and will go for 21 days (3 weeks). This cleanse is a little different because if you know me I like everything in moderation. I am not an extreme type when it comes to cleansing or anything for that matter, so with that said here’s my meal plan everyday for 21 days.

21 Day Juice Cleanse Sample Menu

Juice in the morning – I like 1 orange,1 mango, 1 cucumber, and handful of parsley

Juice mid morning snack – I like 3 cups kale, half inch piece of ginger,  3 apples

Lunch Juice – I like 3 cups Kale, 5 carrots, and half lemon and 1 pear

Mid afternoon snack Juice – I like 1 large Beet, 3 Carrots and  3 cups Kale, and 3 stalks of celery

Dinner – a light meal. I love a salad, make sure to make yours colorful. Be creative! Keep it interesting with textures and colors. Pair your salad with a protein like chicken or fish as well as a steamed veggie like broccoli or green beans. I also like including a half cup of lentils, pinto or white beans. Soup is an amazing dinner while on a cleanse. I’ll be sharing a few yummy soup recipes as we go along.

Why do a juice cleanse?

The point is to give your GI system a break from processed foods and having to work hard to break down our daily intake of food. Make sure to stay away from anything packaged for 21 days and NO alcohol.

Coffee?? You might be asking yourself about coffee… My thinking is that a cup of coffee is not going to kill you. Remember, I am not into torture. Just make a good cup will you? 🙂 

What can you expect?

– Week one is an adjustment as you get used to your liquid diet.

– Week two you get in the groove and actually look forward to juicing.

– Week three you are feeling great, really great. You may lose a few pounds but mainly you can expect to feel really energized, light and happy. Yes happy.

Let me know how it’s going. I will check in a couple of times every week. Have a question? Leave it in the comment section and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

So instead of saying “let’s party” I’m going to say “let’s juice”!!!

Oh and don’t forget to watch me on the Today Show on Tuesday December 31st for New Year’s Eve! in the 9:00 hour. What a fantastic way to wrap up the year!

Happy & Healthy New Year. 2014, it’s going to be a great one! xx

disclaimer: This is not a weight loss program nor am I a doctor. This plan is just what I do and I love the way I feel. However, this is not a regimented program.


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Last Minute Holiday Organizing + Organizing for the New Year

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe holidays sneak up on us fast. Being prepared is a MUST! Even though we are all very aware of what the season brings, the busyness can still take us by surprise. This is where I swoop in to help. Over the last six weeks, as a part of Staple’s Holiday Council, I have given you the tools and a plan of attack to handle the holidays with ease.

Here are a few last minute things you can do to prep for the holidays like a pro:

1. Wrap and stack your gifts in a central area. I wrap a few presents each day so it’s not so overwhelming. Your gift wrap area should be stocked with wrapping paper, ribbon and tags, scissors, tape, washi tape and other festive accouterments.

2. Restock your Party Pantry. Most likely you’ve already hosted at least one party for the holidays, so stock back up on your depleted essentials. Check out the supplies list on my earlier post: Holiday Party Pantry and Party Toolbox. If you’re feeling really industrious, go ahead and set up your Party Pantry for a years worth of celebrations and parties. Happy New Year, now Let’s Party!

3. Go through your wrap and decor stash to see what is missing. This is a great time to restock on paper, ribbon, and holiday decor because most of it will be on sale. There are some seriously great buys to be had. Psst Staples always has great prices and a nice selection, so your wrap stash should be set for the rest of the year.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Here are some great gift wrap accessories from Staples that I hand-picked to wrap my presents with this year. I got sensational results with this kraft paper with gilded ornaments wrap. It’s so pretty. I also love these really cool labels from Staples and Martha Stewart, their washi tape is one of my go-tos and I love their ribbon as well.

* note you can turn the kraft paper inside out and use the plain side to shake it up a bit.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA To organize for the New Year, make sure you shop for your holiday essentials in advance, that way you will have them tucked away waiting for you! You can now look forward to enjoying a pretty and nicely stocked Party Pantry. It’s such a wonderful surprise when the occasion arrives to be prepared. Make sure you keep your pantry tidy by disposing of any ragged bits of paper or wrap. Think about investing in a space-saving shredder to do the job (love the orange!). The shredder could also double as a confetti maker… hooray!

Have you heard of the Staples Copy & Print? You can actually upload and design everything from mugs & water bottles to wall art and even phone cases. It’s a really fun and creative way for you to organize your work space. I’m going to be sharing more organizing tips as we head into the new year, but why not start dreaming and designing for a little office update? Everyone could use a little inspiration there, that’s for sure.

*Everything you will need is at Staples (in stores or order online at Staples.com with free delivery for rewards members or for orders over $19.99 for non-members). This post is in partnership with Staples. All opinions are my own.

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party in a box

As a lover of parties, I really love the idea of a “party in a box.” This Snowdrift Party in a Box by west elm has everything you need to throw a really elegant affair sans champagne. It includes: 5 paper balls, 2 paper fans, 6 champagne coupes, a stainless steel cocktail shaker, a lacquered serving tray, 6 votive holders and confetti. How brilliant is that?! This shimmery metallic color palette lends itself to almost any festive mixer.

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