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A Crepe is a Crepe, well unless it’s a Panigacci

In the tiny town of Luni there is a special place to eat a local dish, “Ristorante Baracchetta” “cucina tipica”=local cuisine. It is super homespun and you know that Mama is back there in the kitchen. You just know it! My dear friend Forrest decided to take me there and treat me to a local delicacy, Panigacci (it is much like a crepe). It looks like a crepe, but its texture is much different. Crispy and oily, spongy and salty. It is topped with various savory choices, like ragu and pesto, or one can have it with simply oil and Parmesan cheese.

We opted for ragu and pesto. Forrest gave me a brief lesson in the how tos. One can fold it or roll it and devour it hot. I dug in straight away.

Of course I had to make my way back to the kitchen for the recipe and to see how they are made. The recipe is simply: flour, water and salt. Like with most things Italian the “secrets” are kept just that “a secret”. I am positive that some important detail was left out of the panigacci recipe they gave me. Oh well I guess I will just have to go back if I want to enjoy this yummy treat. watch a behind-the-scenes video here:

Thanks Forrest for a lovely dinner in the countryside. Follow Forrest’s blog to learn more about his adventures with his 2 dogs, Moses and Nina and his renovation project in the hills of northern Tuscany.

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