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“Empire State Shoot” with Top Chef Hugh Acheson

I was introduced to Hugh Acheson, a couple years ago by a dear friend. I have always enjoyed dining at his various establishments, loved watching him on Top Chef on Bravo, so producing a story with him seemed a natural fit. One afternoon I was chatting with Hugh at Empire State South and mentioned he might make a great entertaining story. He was like “sure, we throw parties all the time”… So I pitched the story of one of his great parties to my editor, well of course they jumped on it.

Hugh is a great guy, and a great chef. He’s warm and sweet and a stellar host {not at all like the hard ass judge you see on Top Chef}. Sorry Hugh to blow your cover, but to know the guy is to love him, am I right? His family is delightful, so working with them on this shoot was a dream { plus the food wasn’t bad either}.The location was in Athens ,GA, which is the most charming town. It has the just the right amount of artiness and southern hospitality to make it perfect. This was a shoot where we all felt like we were at a party and not actually working to capture the party.

  • Thanks to Hugh and his beautiful family for making us feel so welcome.
  • Thanks to Reed Davis for capturing the essence of how the Acheson Family throw a gathering. His photography is always so beautiful.
  • Thanks to Better Homes and Gardens for making this story so gorgeous on your pages.

    I hope you all pick up a copy of the Style Maker issue (September 2012) of Better Homes and Gardens.

    *Watch me on The Today Show September 6th, in the 9:00 a.m. hour, I will be showing you some of Hugh’s cool party ideas, you won’t want to miss it. I hope you try this fun party and let me know if you do, I want to here all about it.

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