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my new beauty and skin care obsession

Shamanuti-lineup-NEW-cropped When I read that Martha Stewart spent thousands of dollars on her skincare regime, I must admit I was curious about what she was using! The truth is, she’s super gorgeous and hardly looks a day over 55 and she’s 72!! Good for her. She can afford it and it’s certainly working for her!

Skincare has always been a priority for me, I am obsessed with my skin, especially my face. My regime is simple, but lately I want to mix it up. I have always been a slave to Jurlique and only use Trish Mc Evoy make up (don’t worry Jurlique and Trish, you’re still in my skincare family). I am picky picky and slow to change what works.

activated_char_for_we Last month my daughter Alex introduced me to something that seemed super strange: “charcoal cleanser.” Charcoal cleanser is Japanese and she promised me that all people in Japan use and swear by it. This “unique cleanser utilizes the properties of activated charcoal to neutralize acidity and absorb impurities as well as to gently exfoliate the skin with maple extract”. It’s an extremely gentle product that even works on the most delicate of skin types, as well as on eczema and other skin disorders. So I thought, “what the heck” and I tried it. Now I have to say I am hooked on Shamanuti’s charcoal cleanser. I thought I would share with you my latest skincare obsession since it’s a month of healthful thinking.

You’re welcome xx

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