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Holiday Gift Wrap Program Staples Copy and Print makes it easy!

Staples Holiday 2015 It’s always great during the holidays to find a store that has beautiful holiday gifts, but more important for me is a beautiful in store holiday gift wrap service. It’s these special touches that make me go back every year to shop for gifts for the holidays at a particular store.

When you’re a small store owner, branding is very important.Branding is the only thing that sets you apart from the crowd. Branding and customer service. A great way to combine these two important concepts is by having a beautiful gift wrap program in place. It is a wonderful way to service your customers and make them come back again and again. If you have a gorgeous gift wrap program in place this time saving service will have your customers coming back year after year.

Put a branded gift wrap program together with your partner Staples Copy and Print. Everything you need to create a one of a kind gift wrap program is at your fingertips.

I suggest you pick wrapping paper, ribbon, bags and branded stickers to put on every single gift you wrap.

Staples Holiday 2015

At Staples Copy and Print , you will find gorgeous and affordable products to put your holiday gift wrap program together. Don’t forget the custom Stickers!

Taking care of your customers’ gift wrap needs makes your store look amazing. After all, you’re offering a service that will make their life easier. You’re creating a loyal customer base with this simple service.

Remember gift wrap is not only for the holidays, so make sure you have a branded program in place for all year.

Nothing beats great customer service, remember this small touch and it makes a huge difference in the big picture.

Staples Holiday 2015

Order now and make your holiday season the best it’s ever been.


1. Holiday gift tags 2. Grosgrain ribbon 3. Floral wrapping paper 4. Gift bags

This is a sponsored post all opinions expressed are my own.

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My How to for Client Holiday Gifts with Staples Copy and Print

Staples Holiday 2015

As a small business, client gifts are something I enjoy putting together. This year I looked to Staples Copy and Print to prepare this smart looking tote bag with my logo. I love the pretty branded mug with my logo, and to round off the gift, I included some coffee and cookies from Staples. The bag of goodies is the perfect thank you for a year of business with my favorite clients. I even include a custom card with an image I styled this year. Right on brand.

A custom-made holiday gift can make your clients feel special. You may not think that Staples has everything you need, but guess what? They DO! They have so many great products that you can customize and make your own. Want to stand out in the crowd?

Here’s how I do it every holiday season, and I am sharing my secrets with you! Here are a few of my suggestions that can make holiday client gift giving a snap:

1. BEAT THE CROWD & SEND CLIENT GIFTS EARLY: I like to send out my client gifts early, really early. Schedule them for before Thanksgiving. This way, you won’t get lost in the deluge of gifts that arrive in December.

2. STAY ON BRAND: Always look like a pro by using your logo on gift bags and goodies like mugs, hats, and even tee shirts. Beverage coozies make a great gift as well. With Staples Copy and Print Department, it’s so easy to put your logo on everything! This is the one going to my clients; the gift bag has my logo and some of the goodies do, too.

3. YOUR GIFT SHOULD HAVE A THEME: For example, coffee and cookies. Keep it simple and delicious. Staples has really wonderful food products to choose from. Plus, everyone likes cookies!


This year make your clients feel special and thank them for their business by using Staples Copy and Print;  it  makes you look good, and most importantly, makes your clients feel good.

Staples Holiday 2015

Staples Holiday 2015


1. Holiday Card 2. Custom Canvas Bag 3. Custom Coffee Mug 4. Breakfast Blend Coffee 5. Mrs. Fields Cookie Tin

This is a sponsored post; all opinions expressed are my own.

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The Office Party : A Holiday Cookie Bakeoff with Staples Copy and Print

Staples Holiday 2015 One thing I love to plan, as you already know, is a party. Sometimes when you own a small business, throwing your employee holiday party may feel like a chore rather than a joy. The key to a successful holiday season is to always make a game plan. Start with a theme.

In some cases, coming up with the right theme can get tricky. Let’s face it: when you work together everyday, you already know everything about each other right? So picking a theme can seem daunting. Using the custom banners, and prizes from Staples Copy and Print can lighten the load and make your employee holiday soiree a big hit.

As an expert at parties, I am here to tell you that I have the perfect plan for you. I suggest a holiday cookie bake off, a contest of sorts. Have all your employees bring their favorite cookie recipe: their own concoction or even a family recipe. It’s fun to share the holiday memories of the cookie recipe, and a great way to engage all of the people in your firm in an entirely new way. Plus, a little friendly competition is good for the office holiday spirit, especially when cookies are involved.

You can provide is some festive decor and a few prizes, and you will find an amazing array of selections on Staples Copy and Print, like this custom banner.

Staples Holiday 2015 Staples Holiday 2015

Make sure everyone brings their prize winning cookies along with the recipe and encourage story telling about the cookie recipe at the holiday gathering. Then, best cookie recipe voting can take place at the party. You can award personalized awards like this great polo with the phrase “smart cookie” embroidered on it.

Staples Holiday 2015

I love these custom hats especially made for the winners, or you can even use them for your entire staff as a holiday gift. It’s a great way to celebrate. Take it from me: organizing an activity for your employees for your holiday party is the way to go, and you can get everything you need in one place. Be a smart cookie and shop Staples Copy & Print.

Staples Copy & Print helps small businesses make customer and employee appreciation happen with custom gifts.



1. Customizable banner 2. Embroidered hats 3. Embroidered polo shirt

This is a sponsored post, all opinions expressed are my own.

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