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Workshop Announcement :: Join us in October

Angie Eric Ripert

Ciao guys! As you know, our summer workshops have sold out.

However, fall workshops are now up for grabs. Full disclosure: we only have a couple spots left in each workshop in September, so we have added a workshop in October. Since it’s olive oil season, it’s the best time to visit our region in Lunigiana. We will be visiting food vendors and the oil press, and tasting wine and truffle hunting will also be on the schedule.

However the most exciting part of this workshop announcement is who will be joining us touring and teaching. Drum roll please…


Angie Mosier, America’s food styling sweetheart, food writer, food stylist, photographer and producer. Yes, she even styled and photographed for Eric Ripert. Angie is someone I look up to. She is incredibly talented and knowledgeable, well respected, and an all around lovely soul. She will be joined by James Beard award winning chef Chef Rebecca Wilcomb, chef at Herbsaint in New Orleans. Rebecca comes from an Italian background, so returning to her heritage is very exciting indeed. Join us as we cook, style, and photograph our region, take tours of purveyors and food artisans, enjoy visits to farms, dairies, cheese makers, olive groves and orchards, cook with local seasonal ingredients, and drink our own wine from our vineyard at La Fortezza. I am over the moon that these two food superstars will be exploring our food culture with all of us in tow.

This is a very special opportunity to explore our region with these amazing instructors, and it is available to you. To say we are amazed and thrilled would be an understatement. Angie and I have been friends for many years, and the idea that she will be joining me in Italy is a dream come true.


We will be launching her workshop on the site May 1st. I suspect it will sell out in a day. If you want the opportunity to be first on the sign up list, please join our mailing list as we will be sending a newsletter a couple days before it posts live.

Join us for our Angie Mosier workshop in Italy, The Story of Place and Taste: Cooking, Styling and Photographing the Food of Lunigiana. Will launch soon.

See you in Italy.

xx Annette


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Italian Riviera Styling and Photography Workshop rewind 2015


Ciao from the Riviera! I can finally catch my breath; sorry to keep you hanging. It’s been a wild wild week. We arrived and hit the ground running prepping for our Italian Styling and Photography Workshop. Propping, prepping, and last minute details keep us running until the official first Apero with our group of amazing students.

We all met up at the Nice, France Airport, picked up one student from the train station, and rounded out the group by meeting Giulia our chef on Saturday morning.

As always, we gathered at dinner for introductions and lesson plans. One of the additions to the workshop this year is that we added a social media component to the workshop talks, a lecture by highly successful blogger and author Anne Sage. Anne was a wonderful counter point to our creative workshop and shared all of her expertise with our group. Anne is an accomplished photographer, and joined the group in all the styling photography exercises and lessons along the way.

Day 1: We wandered around town and talked about lifestyle shooting. Deborah took everyone to the pier where the lighting was just perfect on our early morning wander and first photography session.  Deborah shared tips and tricks for shooting on the fly. We sampled the local specialties, focaccia, and chocolate kisses called “baci di Alassio.”  And of course we managed to fit a little light shopping in as well.

After a stroll while photographing all sorts of lifestyle and food images, we headed to a Basil Farm to photograph the most magical place, a 14th century castle surrounded by fragrant basil fields and fruit gardens. We enjoyed lunch in the shaded portico of the castle prepared by a local private chef and drank a few glasses of the farms home grown Rose wine.

Needless to say it was a perfect day.

More to come in the next days about our amazing Italian Riviera Styling and Photography Workshop. Stay tuned and have a great weekend.

Ciao tutti! xx

Photo Credit : Me

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#marrakechworkshop 2015 part 3- What happens at our Styling and Photography Workshops?

Peacock Pavilions

Peacock Pavilions

Some of you may want to take one of our styling and photography workshops and may want to know what the schedule is like when we put on one of our workshops. Deborah and I worked very hard in Marrakech to create a full immersion experience for our students. This is something we strive to do with every location and every workshop we do.


Photographing and styling in Marrakech was a whirlwind of the sights and sounds of the souks. The colors, textures, and flavors all around us inspired all of us and made for amazing imagery. Photography is a technical skill as is styling, but we like to think everyone has their own personal look, style, and point of view. Our workshops are designed to help creatives find their artistic voice. In Marrakech this was the case times a thousand.

Here’s a brief look at our workshop in Marrakech:

The evening before the formal workshop began we of course welcomed everyone and had a fantastic and delicious cocktail party and soiree in an Arabian tent. Sound amazing?? Well it was! (for the full party story, see the feature I wrote and styled in the Travel Issue of M&V Magazine hitting newsstands in mid May).

The next day we went into the Medina (the central market place) and photographed plus shopped for props and food stuffs in the souks. The colors, textures, people, animals, and food are the most fantastic photographic subjects. Plus it gave everyone a chance to get to know each other, and in some cases, get to know their cameras. We had an amazing day.

You may be asking yourself what does the formal workshop look like; what will I take away besides the gorgeous imagery? Here’s an overview:

Day 1 : We have a dialogue and Powerpoint presentation where both Deborah and I discuss the fundamentals, of both styling and photography, how we work, and how we market ourselves. There is always lively discussion of latest trends in technology as well as in styling and production. This gives our students an opportunity to ask any questions they would like to in a safe and supportive environment. Although we do give it to you straight, we want to make sure you have the real skills in the highly competitive field of styling and photography. If you are coming to improve your blog story telling or are the owner of a product line, we can answer questions about how to photograph products and make your blog as impressive visually as it can be. With plus 20 years in the industry, we give you practical solutions to navigate the current landscape. We even discuss the latest software applications for book keeping and styling and even photography fees. We share effective collaborative approaches with clients as well. In the afternoon, we work on styling and photography of food and still lives, as well as show you how to do your best work with tricks and secrets of the trade.

IMG_8910 Peacock Pavilions

Day 2 : Day two is all about Styling and Photography fundamentals in practice. Each student is given a real editorial assignment to complete. In the case of Marrakech, it was a travel story featuring Peacock Pavilions. Students styled, shot, and edited their story in one day with the technical advice of Deborah. using current editing software. I spent the day styling interiors, people, and food with each student.


Day 3 : We met over breakfast reviewing everyone’s photographs and shared insights and critiques. It’s always fun to see everyone’s captures and point of view. The afternoon was free, but there were several activity options offered to students, and then a farewell dinner where I dare say one of the students was so moved by her incredible experience and the friends she made, she shed a few tears. Which quite honestly made all the effort so worthwhile.

We had an incredible group, an amazing time, and everyone went home with amazing images plus an experience of a lifetime…not to mention some gorgeous rugs. 🙂  Deborah and I were so grateful for all the amazing creatives that attended and put their trust in our hands. We know this will not be the last time we see our new found friends, but until then…Viva la Workshop!

If you want to up your styling and photography game, you too can join us on a creative adventure as we move our workshop to the Italian Riviera, at the beginning of June. Sign up now as spots are limited. We would love to work with you. Feel free to email me any questions: annette@annettejosephstyle.com


Photos by: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn and Frank R. Joseph MD

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Austin Texas Food and Prop Styling Photography Workshop :: Part Two

taYrM7gcYyzWKpatodZFjNpDBolrytLRQObqVFQDQDk Austin was a great location for our Food Prop Styling and Photography Workshop. We got to spend the day doing what we love and showing our attendees how to make the most of their images. Styling a photograph can be daunting if you write a blog, or simply love to make your food images shine, so a styling workshop can be just the ticket.

Deborah and I have been working together making beautiful images for many years. Whether it’s for a magazine, ad campaign, or a cookbook, we love to collaborate on how best to style and photograph food.

Deborah shot the images for my cookbook Picture Perfect Parties, and to say it was the most satisfying work experience for me to date, would be an understatement.

At our workshops, you can be part of that collaboration, and I can’t think of a better way to spend a day than creating beautiful images with other creatives. At our workshop last weekend that was the very experience we all had. Sharing, learning, and combining our ideas made for a lovely and lively day in Austin. Below are some of the captures from Deborah and myself; such a great group, such a great day!

2014 Austin Food styling & photo workshop Big thanks to Westelm Austin for providing such gorgeous props. Here’s a little set up I did with Deborah for our attendees to photograph and observe styling with a product line.

Oma IMG_6987 2014 Austin Food styling & photo workshop

Styling a still life for photo inspiration for our attendees with this amazing tray from Uncommon Objects.

2014 Austin Food styling & photo workshop IMG_6995 One of our happy stylist/photographer’s pictured here in her custom stylist apron by Raw Materials Design

wIJX_ydvY27sTS82rumu5mNZI4y1HDaTlG0O6vttaA0 Everyone left with a signed copy of my book Picture Perfect Parties, super cool stylist aprons, and a bag of goodies thanks to our fantastic sponsors.

Thanks to all that shared the day shared their creative energy, funny stories, and most of all, thank you for the great sense of community and creative energy that prevailed all day. xx

To sign up for our next workshop in Marrakech, Morocco sign up here!

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Austin Texas Food/Prop Styling and Photography Workshop :: Part One


Whenever we pick a new location for a food/prop styling photography, we like to pick a place that has a great food culture and great scenery. Austin, Texas, if you’ve never been, is a must on your go-to travel list.

It’s not only a really cool location, but the food scene is really amazing. The intergalactic headquarters of Whole Food Market (a quote from Deborah) is awesome, and as you can imagine, the pickings are good. We had the most amazing selection of props and objects, just how I like it, so our attendees would have plenty to choose from.

IMG_6944 Pictured: Deborah picking a few uncommon objects for our workshop.

Austin is also home to the holy grail of prop houses Uncommon Objects.

Deborah and I were so excited to get the VIP tour from one of the owners Steve, and also get an opportunity to use some of the amazing found objects from his collection. Of course I came away with some amazing personal finds – after all a girl needs a little something for herself.

Pictured: a few finds and the prop selection for our attendees to choose from for our workshop IMG_7042 IMG_6968




The workshop was held in a charming little well-equipped photo studio; the perfect fit for our group, and a great behind the scenes real life experience of how we work in a photo studio in real life.

We gathered in the morning for breakfast and a slide presentation by Deborah, and then it was my turn. Lot’s of creative conversation and great questions, lots of sharing, and then on to getting set up for the day.

l4Zxm_sDmAM-VLEOlqxJD-7zB7GfDbPixC5LmS7Edl4 ZFIAnc8v8zXFnQwT32ds8n3Vb-Gf9Ybjdq3yuaX9b4E IMG_6976 dVY-e4jCN-2YMkKootNxfUm0eaiMkDrBUuOUkkiefN8 K3rRTCbYLZmHcPTK4H-ttrjeTrBQedfGZlp59VMbND4

IMG_6989 IMG_6993

All of our attendees were of various experience, so we took a minute to get everyone on the same page, and then all photographed the set up I styled with our beautiful red snapper. The group broke up after lunch to shoot their own sets with our selection of food stuffs and proppage.

Here are a few images from our really amazing group of attendees/photographers and stylists. I can’t tell you how much fun it was to work with each and everyone of you.

DSC_8179 Austin Workshop 2014

marg1 Austin Workshop 2014 Radishes-Butter IMG_7010


If you are thinking about taking our Marrakech Workshop, this will give you an idea of what a fun experience it is; it’s a great way to meet people from all over the world. You will make friends with like-minded creatives and learn to improve your skills all while exploring an exotic land with your instructors ( Deborah and I ) in tow. It’s a hands on experience for all levels, it’s a safe place to hone your styling and photographic skills, and there’s plenty of one on one instruction.

Thanks to our sponsors, Keith Kreeger Ceramics, Westelm Austin, Raw Marterials Design for our stylist aprons, Uncommon Objects for there kindness and help. Minted for the cool notebooks, and Staples for the pretty pens. A special shout-out to my hubby/photographer Frank and the studio manager/photographer Tony for their technical assistance to all attendees. As always, thanks to Rachel for assisting with food prep and styling tips.

Pictured: Austin Class of 2014, we hope to work with you all again, and in the meantime y’all stay in touch! xx

2014 Austin Food styling & photo workshop

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