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Lessons in Styling – Styling Kits

Let’s talk styling nut and bolts… literally. Today I will be sharing everything you need to create styling kits of your own. I have two that I will break down for you below. If you do not already have a well organized tool kit, put one together pronto. It’s a prop stylist essential. I store mine with my prop stash.

Tool Kit #1 – this kit is used for interior and entertaining stories as well as lifestyles and tabletop. It’s a big Fat Max filled with everything a stylist might need on the job. As you know being a stylist is a problem solving situation, so like a styling super hero you must be prepared. * Note: make sure you have everything organized so you know where to find it! Here’s a peek at my workshop on wheels, as well as a detailed list of items: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Tool Kit #1:

1. Screwdrivers in several sizes
2. Clamps/Clothes pins
3. Pens and Pencils/Highlighter
4. Twine/String
5. Tape – all sorts including double sided tape and foam tape
6. Straight pins/ T pins
7. Picture Wire-Floral Wire
8. Scissors, several sizes including Pinking Shears
9. Nippers/Wire Cutters/ Garden Nippers for cutting branches on location
10. Hammer and Nails/Screws
11. Hole Punch
12. Apron
13. Museum Putty {we use this to level plates, or stop props from slipping on set}
14. Wedges- to level furniture
15. Level
16. Temporary picture hangers and hooks like these.
17. Paint brushes, all sizes and a couple disposables
18. Paint Scraper and Painters Tape
19. Paper towels, and all purpose cleaner
20. Goo Gone
21. Clorox Wipes
22. Hot glue gun
23. Staple gun
24. Chalk
25. Sewing kit, Lint Brush, Tide stain stick
26. Tape measure
27. Lighter/Candles – a pack of 12 plus cream tea candles
28. Batteries AA
29. Baking Parchment paper
30. Stainless Steel Wipes
31. Exact-o knife/blades
32. S hooks
33. 50 lb  Fishing line
34. Iron, I like to bring a Shark Steamer as well.
35. Cork screw – this comes in handy for more that just styling, great for the after party!
36. Plate holders for hanging plates on the wall

I have a travel kit as well, a small hard-case suitcase that can be checked at the airport. I love using clear plastic zip bags from The Container Store for my travel kits, it keeps everything together and organized plus you can see everything without rifling through each bag.

Tool-Kit #2 – this kit is used for food styling. This is a kit that has everything I need to make food appetizing for the camera. All the food I style is real, although when one is styling commercial shoots, there are a lot more manipulation food tricks you must know. Since most of you are here because you want to make food look delicious and professionally styled on your blog, I am not including all the “tricks” involved in commercial food styling today. uc_bag_large I store everything in this bucket tote from Utility Canvas.

Here’s my styling apron, I have a knife kit as well. As you can see a tweezers and brush with oil are very important pieces of the kit. I also use q-tips and a tiny scissors for cutting herbs and a small spray bottle for water or oil. 2014-02-23_08-36-15 2014-02-23_08-51-13 I hope this has helped you organize yourself like a pro. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have. I’ll be happy to answer.

Hope to see some of you at my styling workshops, be sure to check the blog and my instagram feed, facebook, and twitter for announcements and updates. Check the calendar on this site as well for updated information regarding styling workshops.

Happy Styling! xx

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