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Summer Sustainable Living

Sustainable living can still be beautiful. It’s all about repurposing household items that most people throw out, by using them in new, creative ways. Glass jars that condiments come in can be washed and reused for homemade pesto or tapenade.

Another fun way to use ball jars is to display food, like layered desserts or salsas. Keep bugs and insects out by keeping the lids on your jars until you eat your treats. Whether your guests are sitting at a table or lounging in the grass, they’ll find it easy to eat out of these jars. Tie a bamboo spoon around the jar lid with string or twine for a functional but lovely presentation.

Ball jars are all the rage, but most people used to throw theirs out! I often use old jars for floral arrangements. Loose clippings from your yard arranged in several jars make a pretty tablescape. To create ambience, place small votive candles in additional ball jars for twinkling lights around your space.

I also love cute composting bins. They hold great fertilizer for your yard, and they’re easy on the eyes! This bin that I have goes with my rustic but industrial aesthetic, so I don’t mind having it in the house. Just put all of your leftovers (like apple cores, watermelon rinds, etc.) in the bin. When it’s full, take it to a large outdoor compost. Once the contents are all broken down, you can use them as an all-natural fertilizer for your plants and yard. Waste not, want not … you’ll have healthy flowers, too!

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