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Sweet Paul Book Giveaway :: Eat & Make


As many of you know I am a huge fan of the stylist, cook and crafter Sweet Paul Lowe. I am so excited to have gotten a copy of his book upon my return from Italy.

He’s a master and last month he published his first book:  Eat & Make. There’s so much great information, super recipes and visual treats throughout his book. All the recipes are easy and super doable as are the crafts. The book is filled with color and cute illustrations! Love it! He’s been a great support to me with my cookbook Picture Perfect Parties and now it’s my turn to offer up his book in a giveaway. Take it from me you will want this book to add to your library. *and it’s a great Mother’s day gift!

Here’s a little about Paul and the book :: It began as a little blog highlighting the recipes and crafts of the Norwegian-born food and prop stylist Paul Lowe. Six years later, Sweet Paul is an online magazine followed by millions and a print quarterly sold nationwide in specialty stores. Praised by the New York Times as “ a trove of seasonal delights,” it is turning heads with its easy, elegant food and style-setting aesthetic.

Divided into Morning, Brunch, Noon, and Night, with color palettes to match, Sweet Paul Eat and Make includes breakfast dishes like Morning Biscuits with Cheddar, Dill, and Pumpkin Seeds and brunches like Smoked Salmon Hash with Scallions, Dill, and Eggs. For lunch, there’s a super-quick Risotto with Asparagus, and for dinner, Maple-Roasted Chicken and a stunning Norwegian specialty, World’s Best Cake. Rustically chic craft projects—paper flowers made out of coffee filters, a vegetable-dyed tablecloth, and a trivet from wooden clothespins—will captivate even those who are all thumbs.

Auntie Gunnvor's Skillingsboller (Almond Buns)

Sweet Paul Eat and Make

One of my favorite things he shares is his LV styling kit, I really think I need to upgrade mine 🙂

Sign up to win a copy here (US Residents only please)::

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nordic christmas decor, a lesson in simple style

dc8f32521ebce3cdf36fb107e62afa75 Most of you know that I am obsessed with all things Italian, but what you probably don’t know is that I am actually in awe of Nordic style, specifically Norwegian.

One of my dearest friends in Italy is actually Norwegian and she brings me Norwegian shelter and cooking magazines for me to pour through in Italy all summer long. She’s the best. Here are some Nordic Christmas images I am crushing on… 0b8ef5afb19cb7d116ac4b6bcfbc3730 Simple black and white with warm wood spotted on Norwegian Blog: Gastbloggare. 3dd65e71c7cc24f262928081d6c1d4da-529x690 Julekake recipe from Sweet Paul Magazine. 3f16332306e7ec143ddf3c54e0d74623 A recipe for Butterbredels found on French Blog: b comme bon. 64b32b5453521a93c3f4ed8269aa9715 e49f7fa8ed048add2ea061fdc6892a3d 529e60a83e40021cd1ab079702a6cc6f More lovely images from Norwegian Blog: Gastbloggare. bb690862bd962a6c1453c40d955c5e51 Love this simple and stunning advent wreath featured on Style me pretty. e930dcb5685a99043cfc84b825f5ab6c A gorgeous trough of greenery and candles from Vibeke Designs. SONY DSC Beautifully decorated cookies from Polish blog: Baker Lady.This beautiful*** clean*** simple*** earthy*** rustic*** style is what really inspires me. The saying “less is more” is hard to achieve for most but Norwegians seem to do it so effortlessly. 05ef0416ffb7a6a6ed02b258b2efa911 I can’t talk about Norwegian style without mentioning one of my favorite Norwegian stylists, Sweet Paul. Paul’s stylish sensibilities and plain old good taste are a refreshing look on the horizon. In an era where everyone is replaying ideas and crafts on their blog with few new ideas to share, Paul is a fresh style/idea trailblazer. He’s a style viking in my eyes. Check out his magazine, Sweet Paul, right here.

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For Your Style I’d Walk a Mile with Paul Lowe (aka Sweet Paul)

Paul Lowe is a well known stylist living in New York City. I’m sure by now you’ve heard of his magazine, Sweet Paul Magazine, and if not then you’re missing out! It is such an amazing source of inspiration to me. It is full of “easy-yet-elegant recipes, stylish crafts, entertaining ideas, shopping tips, recurring features and more.” You can pick up a print copy at Anthropologie. He’s brilliant.

I am such a fan girl. I love him. If I was not such a woosie I would definitely copy him and get that tattoo because as a stylist this is our go to tool. Did I mention I love him? I am over the moon excited to have him on my blog it’s like Christmas or Hanukkah come early for me! He’s a stylist I look up to a visionary who actually has amazing taste. In the age where everyone is a Stylist he’s the real deal. Take it away, Paul!

1.Who would you want to play you in a movie?

Jonah Hill, not the skinny one, but the plesently plump one. He is almost as cute as me. But knowing Hollywood I’m sure it will someone like Brad Pitt.

2.I wish I could…

Draw and Paint. Well I can, but it does not look like anything. Clients used to ask me to draw my ideas, I always had so say sorry, I can’t draw.

Also wish I could touch my toes…..

3.My first style memory is…

The first time I could remember style being important to me when I was 6 years old and my Aunt and Cousin came over. He gave me his passed down platform shoes and I started to cry. They where brown with some sort of imitation leather aplique. Horrendous! I would not wear them whatsoever. I only wore Penny loafers as a kid. I remember my aunt saying to my mother,” you gotta keep an eye on that one.”

She was right…

4.I could not live with out my….

Where shall I start?

*Lestat, my dog
*Anthony, my man
*Real Butter
*Hot glue gun

5.I could live without…

*Grumpy Stupid people
*More Stupid People

Thanks, Paul!

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