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Food Styling Makeovers :: Twine & String

This week I have shared a few basic styling tips to make food look more appetizing through the use of “before” and “afters.” We eat with our eyes so it’s important to put extra care into food presentation. One way to do this is tying food with string. Using string or twine is an easy way to make your food look special. A little gift on your table will always be a hit. So tie it up and make it beautiful.

1. Before :: these spears (besides being over cooked and over dressed) are not very appetizing.


After :: Using food safe twine to tie up bundles is an easy and clever presentation. 


2. Before :: a sandwich is always good looking for the most part, but adding a few stylist’s tricks can make all the difference.


After :: Adding a little parchment paper to a sandwich is one of my favorite stylist tricks. That with the addition of some string and a few herbs garnish (in this case a single sage leaf) elevates the presentation to the next level.


3. Before :: Apple pie. This is a beautiful piece of pie, don’t get me wrong but I love playing with presentation sometimes. It’s fun to get creative even with pretty food.


After :: I have these cool downloadable pie boxes available for free on my book page from Picture Perfect Parties. I love this idea for a guest take away or a wedding favor.


If you’re interested in learning more about food styling check out my workshop June 7th. Hope to see you there, it’s always a super fun day of learning, sharing, creating and of course eating.



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