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Life’s a beach, especially on the Italian Riviera


Life on the beach in Italy is well… great, what can I say? But it’s funny when you live on a beach there are some subtle things that make a beach perfect especially to Italians: the color of the water, the layout, and the quality of the sand are all key factors. A little back story. Frank and I have lived in Italy every summer for the past 7 years. We are now finally no longer considered interlopers. When you visit Italy you get the impression that Italians are happy and friendly and very hospitable… and they are. However, when you live here it’s a whole other ball game. I’ve felt like an outsider for many years, just in the past couple years I have finally been welcomed into the inner circle. Once you’re in you’re in and that’s a wonderful place to be. Talk to any expats and they will tell you the same.

This leads me to another very Italian way of communication. Americans are over sharers. We love to be the information givers and we for the most part love giving advice and council  on just about anything. Italian’s… not so much. For example, one of our friends suggested we visit a beach down the road a couple days ago, we had never heard of it, when we asked another friend in town they were like “OMG, that is the most amazing beach. It’s like being in Sardinia.” Mind you it’s a 1/2 hour down the road. We started asking around about this beach and people were so excited and enthusiastic about it. WHAT??? No one had ever mentioned it to us before, after all we are foreigners in a foreign land and even our closest friends never told us anything about this in 7 years. That’s so Italian. So when you’re here you’re on your own to discover the world around you, that is until one Italian decides you’re worthy and they spill the beans. It’s a very insider “in the know” kind of place. I mainly think it’s a different style of communication not exclusive, just different.

So once we arrived at the most beautiful beach in our ‘hood we could not believe that we had never passed it… but all good things are worth the wait.


Varigotti Beach is a tiny town and yes it does in fact look like Sardinia. It was a magnificent day!


It was in fact heaven on earth!




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