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Biennale in Venice, Italy 2015

bienalle 2015 Bienalle 2015 One of the things on my bucket list was Biennale in Venice.

Biennale is an extraordinary art exhibition held in the most awesome locations in Venice. In fact, part of it is held in the Sale d’ Armi, an expansive building where ships were built for the Navy. The compound was a well-kept secret, and all employees lived and worked at this super guarded location. Cool, right?

I can’t even describe how huge the space is, and it goes on for many kilometers. It is the perfect venue for this worldwide exhibition. Biennale is held every 2 years (odd years), and the exhibit is titled All the World’s Futures, curated by Okwui Enwezor; it will be up until November 22, 2015.

I had the pleasure of visiting with my dear friend Forrest Spears who is the owner and operator of Your Italian Concierge, a custom travel service that I have recommended to fans and friends for years (I will be doing an interview with Forrest in upcoming weeks, stay tuned). Forrest organized the entire trip. Despite sweltering, heart stopping heat, he managed to pull off an wonderful trip, including the Cipriani pool one day that was very appreciated indeed.

We soldiered the heatwave in Italy to glide through the amazing artwork at the Sale d’ Armi.

Below are a few of my highlights. I highly suggest that you go if you can, and I would definitely hit up Forrest to plan your adventure. He knows his way around Venice and will include a few unexpected secret haunts along the way. I am a lucky girl having Forrest as my tour guide, and I feel very lucky to have checked this off my bucket list…

Bienalle 2015 Bienalle 2015 Bienalle 2015 Bienalle 2015 IMG_2862 bienalle 2015 Bienalle 2015 bienalle 2015 Bienalle 2015

Thought provoking, textural, meaningful, and inspiring are words that come to mind. Art with a message with the entire world lending their voice, All the World’s Future took on many incarnations.

Some of the installations were depressing while some were hopeful and some were more than captivating.

It was amazing to see all the world’s creatives point of view in one place.

The exhibit contained performance art, along with photography, sculpture and paintings. Videos and grand installations were abundant. Vitrines with amazingly detailed crafts and interesting objects were sprinkled along the way. Visually, it was delicious.


Photo Credit : Me

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My love/hate relationship with Venice, Italy

photo 3 (3)

photo 5 (2) This is a blog post about my love/hate relationship with Venice, Italy…

I swore I would never go to Venice in the summertime, but when my best friend, Forrest Spears, arranged a trip, lodging, and events…how could I say no? Plus there was an Art Restoration Studio tour on the agenda, come on!

After all it was when I was 17 years old I made this oath, so maybe it would not be so bad now.

photo 3 (1)

photo 5 (1)

photo 4 (1)

First stop was the most amazing restoration studio, owned by Forrest’s good friend Maria Angela. She truly was like her namesake: an angel. Her studio is located in the mountain region right before Venice, in the town of Belluno. I had never heard of it, and it’s definitely not a tourist destination, but this town is popular because of its mountain temperatures, and believe me we needed the reprieve from 100+ temps all around Italy.

We toured the studio which was AMAZING, a dream actually. The studio is surrounded by a beautiful garden, with flowers veggies and fruit trees…absolute heaven. Plus all around the garden strolled chickens with their chicks and a dandy rooster.

We spent the night in the cool mountains before heading to the heat of Venice for Biennale.

photo 2 (4)


Okay about my love hate with Venice. Here’s a concise list of both:


1. I love the city! It’s beautiful and resembles a Disney set, really.
2. Everyone loves pictures of the canals right? Beautiful.
3. The light in Venice is perfection. Let’s face it: it’s a photo rich environment.
4. I love the architecture; it’s so unique.
5. I love Biennale (the reason for this trip, but more on that next time).
6. Harry’s bar.
7. Cipriani’s pool.
8. The Guggenheim Museum.


1. The canal and garbage smell in July.
2. The crowds of tourists.
3. The food. I’m not crazy about Venetian food. I know, I know, but it’s truly just okay in comparison to the rest of Italy. It rates a C+ grade… believe me.
4. The gondolas. They are cheesy and expensive, and honestly in Vegas they are exactly the same, and you can ride them for free at the Venetian Hotel, and it’s less smelly for sure.
5. The Pigeons, tons of them. Basically rats with wings.
6. The rude staff at Florin, and the 100 euro breakfast. What??
7. The tour guides with hundreds of people following along like ducks.
8. The junky carts at St. Marks Square.

photo 2 (3)

photo 4 (3)

photo 1 (4)

So as you can see, I have strong feelings both ways. Is it a place I would want to live? Not really, but I would not live in New York City either. If I had to live in a super touristy city in Italy, I think I would choose Florence or Rome where the food is fantastic, and there’s less of a touristy vibe going on.

This is just my opinion, and having said all of this, we had a great time despite the hottest summer I can ever remember! We managed to enjoy the fireworks, the Biennale, and most of the food was pretty good. Venice in July, though? Never again…

Photo credit : Me

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