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Villa Della Pergola Now Open to the Public

About 2 years ago, I was sitting on the beach in my Italian Riviera town of Alassio, Italy reading Conde Nast Traveler and on the list of Top Hotels found this place in our little town, the “best” and literally right up the hill from the beach I was sitting on. You can read about my first trip here to Villa Della Pergola

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As you know by now if you read my blog regularly, everything here in Italy is a secret, unless you’re Tuscany that is. Tuscany figured out long ago how to market itself to Americans, and of course with the help of  “Under the Tuscan Sun” author Frances Mayes . Tuscany has found it’s way to overcrowded tourist heaven every summer. Luckily my region, save the Cinque Terra and Portofino, is still off the radar (for Americans that is).

Marketing in Italy is completely different from the marketing approaches in the States. It’s really on a need-to-know basis. Hence why all the Americans and Expats are here naming names and writing articles and creating apps and writing cookbooks. Truth be known, Italians are not really into sharing, I find it safe to say that since I’ve been here 7 years and only now feel like I’m understanding the lay of the land in our area a bit more.

So when Villa Della Pergola, jumped on instagram this summer I nearly fainted. I was so excited to see that they were going to open their gardens and their restaurant to the public for lunch and dinner. I grabbed a couple friends (who grew up here BTW) and had never been!?!?…(now that’s a secret, if you grew up here and had never heard of it) and we headed up the very, very curvy road to the very narrow entrance for a gorgeous lunch in the gardens.

The menu was simple and perfectly prepared, chased by a light wine Italian regional wine and finished with strong espresso and delicate desserts. What can I say, we will be back. Still dreaming about doing my daughter’s wedding there… if I can talk her into it.

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Sometimes best kept secrets, can be kept no more. If you are in Alassio, Italy on the Riviera, my sweet little beachside home town, make sure you arrange a tour and stay for lunch or dinner. Of course, I recommend you stay the night. The view is amazing and the amenities are incredible.


Ciao for now xx

This post was not sponsored or paid for by Villa Della Pergola, all opinions are my own.

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