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Search for the perfect hot chocolate

19ea1b04c72c595f92f9c12674a4245a I just got in late saturday night from a whirlwind week of signings and parties. I can’t wait to share some pictures and stories with you guys but for now I’m going to kick back for a little bit with my latest indulgence. I have a little problem with chocolate. Out of all of the problems to have… I guess it could be worse? Since it’s gotten cold outside I have been on the hunt for the perfect hot chocolate recipe. 0620d65f56ba6ba0276ee13d35eafaf9 With a little help from pinterest I came across my favorite so far: Nutella Hot Chocolate by Channeling Contessa. The hazelnut mixed with chocolate is always a winning flavor combination. YUM. Here are some other inspiring holiday projects and recipes… 0a91748d3e12431d4cb2c30d2d9c5153 Make your own marshmallows. Martha’s recipe is great, I use it again and again. Have you ever tried making homemade versions of the classic hot chocolate accessory? (photo by Yellow Bliss Road ) 85b8d81182d6dde129682821509ce2f4 How cute are this little gingerbread houses for the rim of your mug?! Get the how-to here. c8f43a03c60b452b4391caf8438417ab I love the idea of hot chocolate on a stick. Brilliant!!!! Find the DIY recipe here.

Enjoy savoring each sweet moment during the busiest season of the year. I would love to know… do you have a favorite hot chocolate go-to? Stay warm out there! xx

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