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Ready to Launch :: Annette Joseph Style Workshops & Retreats Website

AJS Workshops & Retreats

As you know, I have been leading style + photo workshop & retreats for over two years. I must say that when I first came up with the idea of teaching my craft, my job, and my skills, it was something I thought would be fun – a nice idea.

All the creative folks that have emailed over the many years for career advice, internships, and mentoring would have one place to learn styling and photography from trained professionals working in the field for over 20 years.

Since I have been styling and producing for awhile, teaching seemed to be a natural transition for me. With my styling kit in hand, I have managed to work with over 200 students who have attended my style + photo workshops over the last 2+ years. It’s been the biggest thrill, and truly a pleasure.

Of course, devoting a website to this endeavor seemed the next natural step. My Annette Joseph Style Workshops & Retreats launches today. This year I have added 2 amazing destinations and 2 incredible photo instructors to the mix. I hope you head over to Annette Joseph Style Workshops & Retreats, grab your place, and come along on our next AJS Style + Photo adventure.

Workshop News: Follow along as I purchase and renovate my Workshops & Retreats studio kitchen, photo studio, and location in Tuscany. This location will provide the perfect setting for workshops and retreats of all kinds: cooking, yoga, writing, branding, and of course, all sorts of styling and photography workshops from many experts from all over the world. To say that I am excited would be an understatement. I am looking forward to playing host to a bevy of talented instructors and attendees.

Please feel free to give my any feedback in the comments; I would love to hear your thoughts. If you would like to conduct a workshop in Italy at our location, please feel free to contact me, too.


BIG thanks to Nicole for building the site with me and to Oma for copy editing!

Big thanks to my AJS Style team, Kayla, Megan, Leo, and Nicole. You’re amazing…I could not do it without you. xx

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