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Italian Riviera Styling and Photography Workshop rewind 2015


Ciao from the Riviera! I can finally catch my breath; sorry to keep you hanging. It’s been a wild wild week. We arrived and hit the ground running prepping for our Italian Styling and Photography Workshop. Propping, prepping, and last minute details keep us running until the official first Apero with our group of amazing students.

We all met up at the Nice, France Airport, picked up one student from the train station, and rounded out the group by meeting Giulia our chef on Saturday morning.

As always, we gathered at dinner for introductions and lesson plans. One of the additions to the workshop this year is that we added a social media component to the workshop talks, a lecture by highly successful blogger and author Anne Sage. Anne was a wonderful counter point to our creative workshop and shared all of her expertise with our group. Anne is an accomplished photographer, and joined the group in all the styling photography exercises and lessons along the way.

Day 1: We wandered around town and talked about lifestyle shooting. Deborah took everyone to the pier where the lighting was just perfect on our early morning wander and first photography session.  Deborah shared tips and tricks for shooting on the fly. We sampled the local specialties, focaccia, and chocolate kisses called “baci di Alassio.”  And of course we managed to fit a little light shopping in as well.

After a stroll while photographing all sorts of lifestyle and food images, we headed to a Basil Farm to photograph the most magical place, a 14th century castle surrounded by fragrant basil fields and fruit gardens. We enjoyed lunch in the shaded portico of the castle prepared by a local private chef and drank a few glasses of the farms home grown Rose wine.

Needless to say it was a perfect day.

More to come in the next days about our amazing Italian Riviera Styling and Photography Workshop. Stay tuned and have a great weekend.

Ciao tutti! xx

Photo Credit : Me

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So you want to be a photographer and a stylist :: styling and photography workshops are born.


When I started styling, I fell in love with photography. Back in the day learning to photograph was not even an option. Clients hired photographers and stylists and the two professions never crossed paths. We collaborated but never touched each others “stuff”.

But in the past 5 years, things have changed drastically. Bloggers have become stylists, stylists have become photographers, and photographers have become stylists.

I felt the changes and decided it was time for me to pick up a camera and hone my skills.
This sea change in the styling world gave birth to “styling and photography workshops,” and the need to learn skills to work in the ever changing landscapes gave way to a new opportunity.

When things started shifting in my world, I fought it at first. I was like, “Wait a minute, whats going on?” Then it dawned on me this was a good thing; a new opportunity. Although I am a collaborator and love working with talented photographers, I understood, as I always have, I needed to embrace this new course my career was taking.

So I started my own Styling and Photography Workshop 1 year ago today. I was so impressed! What an amazing creative congress workshops were. Creatives in the same field with the same interests converged on a location, and for 3 days only talked visuals, styling, career paths, and technical skills relating to photography. It’s the most incredible bonding experience you can imagine. Plus in my case, there’s always delicious food involved and of course prop shopping in exotic locales does not hurt either.

When I decided to put together my workshops, I was surprised how much I got out of it. Of course students walked away happy with a wealth of knowledge from my 20 + years in the business, but I felt a new energy towards my own styling career. The workshops helped me as much as it helped my students. What an unexpected gift!!

It just shows you that when you’re open to change, change can lead you to the most amazing things.

I cherish the friendships I have made over the year (our first Workshop was in Seattle with my sweet friend, the magical and talented Cassandra LaValle on March 20, 2014). Although workshop students learn a lot from me, I truly think I have learned much more from them.

Thank you to everyone that has taken my workshops. I love you all. I look forward to meeting more stellar creatives as I launch my second year “workshoppping”. See you in Italy! June 5-9th. Cannot wait! xx

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workshop atlanta

COVER Cassandra's Space

Food and Prop Styling Photography Workshop Atlanta
with Annette Joseph Photo Stylist and Author of Picture Perfect Parties – Rizzoli NY
Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn Lifestyle and Food photographer

Cassandra's SpaceAnnette

With more that 20 years experience styling interiors, food and lifestyle for TV and national magazines, advertising campaigns, cookbooks and The Today Show. Annette will show you how to style food for the camera. Your images will make your readers want to take a big bite out of each image. All the tricks and all the stylist secrets revealed! You’ll walk away with the tools and knowledge to make your food jump off the page.

What you will learn from Annette:

Stylist Resources: Where she likes to prop shop.
Plating: Tricks and tips for the right composition.
Tools of the Trade: Tour of a stylist’s kit, what you need to style like a pro.
Production tips: How to organize a photo shoot like a pro.
Art Direction: How to make a feature hang together visually.

Cassandra's SpaceCassandra's Space untitled-20 Deborah

With more than 20 years experience photographing food and interiors for national magazines, advertising campaigns, cookbooks and Paula Deen Enterprises. Deborah will teach you to make all your images look like the images she shoots everyday. Bring your cameras and learn all the technical skills to take your photographs to the next level.

What you will learn from Deborah:

Technical information about your camera ie settings.
How to use lighting, natural and technical.
What you will need in your camera bag: discussion of lenses
Camera angles
Shooting tethered
Post production information

*bring a tripod
Cassandra's SpaceCassandra's SpaceCassandra's Space
** Included in the fee: is a signed copy of Picture Perfect Parties, Annette’s cookbook from Rizzoli, this book was photographed by Deborah.

Breakfast: great coffee served with pastries and fruit.
Gourmet lunch
Snacks and treats! Enjoy cupcakes that will also be styled and photographed.


Date: Saturday- June 7, 2014

Time: 9:00- 4:00

Workshop space Workshop space Workshop space
Where: Lowden Photo Studio located in the heart of the fun Virginia Highlands neighborhood. VH is a super hip in-town location, with everything in walking distance. It’s in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia.

Address: Scott Lowden photography

634 N. Highland Ave
Atlanta GA, 30306

Please email me with any questions: annette@annettejosephstyle.com


9:00-10:00 am: Photo talk with Deborah with a light breakfast.

10:00-11:00am: Styling talk with Annette.

11:00am-Noon: Walk through vintage prop shop with Annette where you’ll get to pick props for your afternoon of shooting.

Noon-1pm: lunch

1:15pm-2:30: Photo shoot session with Annette and Deborah. Watch as we style and photograph two set ups.

2:30-4:00 pm: Snacks and hands on photography and styling. You will each be able to plate and photograph several shots with guidance, tips and advice from Annette and Deborah. We will answer all questions and work with you to achieve your best images ever. There will be lots of props and food on hand for you to choose from.

4:00-4:30: Book signing and goodbyes

Get ready to learn everything you’ll need to know to make your blog and food photos shine!

Hotel Accommodations:

The Highland Inn: very quirky hotel, right next door to the photo studio, walking distance to shopping and restaurants.

The St. Charles Inn : Also in walking distance to the photo studio, very charming Bed and Breakfast.

Cassandra's Space

Thanks to our goodie bag sponsors:
Raw Materials
West Elm Atlanta

Thanks to Scott Lowden Photography for his super cool space and gracious hospitality.
Thanks to Annie Selke Textiles for the cool napkins.
Thanks to Blue Eyed Yonder for the fabulous props.
Thanks to Justin for Eventstagram and DJ skills.

Click here to buy your ticket!

For a fun recap on our Seattle Workshop, check out The Parcel Blog.

Cassandra's Space Cassandra's Space Cassandra's Space Cassandra's Space Cassandra's Space Cassandra's Space Cassandra's Space

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