Tear Sheets: Better Homes and Gardens May 2013

I love a white kitchen and this beauty is one of my favorites. I love that island! Gorgeous, right?! The couple took a really green approach to designing their kitchen. They used wood from storm-damaged trees, local granite, and formaldehyde-free cabinets. They also wanted to keep the kitchen looking old and full of character even though it was new. I think they did a really incredible job of marrying the two.

The homeowner is the President of FLOR, I thought it very interesting that they live in such a traditional home. Very traditional, I always find it super interesting to see how interior manufacturers live. I expected a very modern filled with FLOR home, but only the upstairs had custom FLOR tiles in the bedrooms. These custom tiles eventually made it into the current line. Don’t you just love these insider secrets? It’s part of the reason I really love my job!


photos by rob brinson

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