CIMG0670 As I look around and ponder the year… I find myself wondering what I am most thankful for.

Is it the fun adventures here and abroad?

Is it the success of my first cookbook?

Is it that I am blessed to meet amazing people?

Is it that we have amazingly great friends?

Yes of course I am grateful for all these things.

but what I am most thankful for? The gift that humbles me the most would have to be my 2 children. My kids have grown into young adults. They are bright, hardworking and accomplished. Being proud of them would be an understatement. Every day they share their wisdom, their great humor and deep convictions into making the world a better place. That’s what I am most thankful for. CIMG1121 I am thankful that I have shared raising them with my husband, who has been the perfect compliment to my parenting style. He’s all zen, while I’m all crazy… It’s all I could ask for. So this year I am thankful for my family, I would be nothing without them.

In the end we are left with only our legacy and if Alex and Levi are it for me… I am thankful, happy and at peace. CIMG1125 photo 2 photo
Happy Thanksgiving and may everyone spend these days with those they love the most.

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