The Marrakech Express

Last weekend my friend Oma and I decided to take a quick trip to Marrakech. Since it is a quick flight from Italy, it is a rather easy weekend excursion.

We stayed at a charming Riad, and once we figured out how to get back to the place, we were golden. It is quite hard to find your way around the center of town, even if you’ve been there a bunch of times like I have. One incredible discovery was a map app that literally saved us a couple times called

The app, once downloaded works offline. If you’ve every been terribly lost in another country, this is a MUST.

The food in Marrakech is delicious and fresh. Some of my favorite places include Le Jardin, Nomad, and Terrasse des esepices  , but make sure you make reservations, this is very easy to do online. Note: Don’t miss Norya ayroN at the top of the stairs at Le Jardin for one of a kind Moraccan style kaftans and tunics.


We had a great time shopping for rugs and furnishings for our guest quarters. One of my big finds this trip was the most glorious rug vendor Bazar Du Sud, introduced to me by our guide Monica. I highly recommend that you hire a shopping guide. If you are interested in hiring my guide, just contact me through my site and I will connect you to Monica. I had a few places in mind for my shopping excursion, however our guide Monica had some new places on the schedule as well. I love shopping at Mastupha Blaoui, and if you have not been, GO! I found all sorts of great pieces for the guest quarters.

Warning: Leave plenty of time in your schedule as this place is enormous and chocked to the brim with amazing rugs, furnishings and home accessories. One amazing place we went, although it was not Moroccan and is owned by a Belgian woman, is called Magasin General. It is in an industrial part of town and is styled perfectly with treasures from all over Europe with a focus on Belgium. The owner is charming and full of helpful information; not to be missed. It is swoon worthy for sure.

All in all, our Morccan adventure was successful, and I managed to snag a few treasures for La Fortezza. I hope you will come visit sometime and stay with us in our newly appointed rooms.

Check out my instagram feed for more photos of our weekend trip to Marrakesh…Ciao for now

xx Annette

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One thought on “The Marrakech Express

  1. saleh

    Tout d”abord je te souhaite la bienvenue au Maroc quand tu veux. Et si tu veux carrément venir chez moi dans ma petite demeure je serai là plus heureuse du monde. Je me rappelle t”avoir dit que je voyageais fin janvier à Marrakech et je l”ai. Marrakech est une ville très sympa qui a son propre charme difficile de la visiter et de ne pas revenir encore une fois pour ne pas dire plusieurs. Mon mari et moi fêtons notre anniversaire de mariage là-bas depuis 5 ans question de revivre notre lune de miel. Certes jamais je n”ai visité palace essaadi mais tes photos donnent tellement envie d”y aller. Je le mettrai dans mon programme pour l”année prochaine. Bon à chaque fois que je viens laisser un commentaire sur tes articles je me mets à rédiger un article tellement c”est inspirant de te lire. Sans oublier que je suis bavarde hhhhhhh. Bon j”arrête là. Merci beaucoup pour tes magnifiques articles et tes illustrations sublimissimes merci pour tes descriptions qui coupent le Souffle. 1000 mercis m” chère @beautylicieuse paperhelp


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