The Perfect Holiday Punch with a Nutty Twist

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For a lovely holiday punch, make this beautiful cocktail infused with the nutty flavor of Frangelico. I made this for my holiday party recently, and it was the biggest hit. Everyone enjoyed the refreshing flavor, and the color of the punch is so incredibly festive. The best thing about it is that it can be made ahead, and it’s totally self serve. Try this gorgeous cocktail this holiday season and wow your guests.


I love the touch of rosemary, and we made cute little wreaths to float in the cocktail, make sure to use food safe string, we used butcher string. Remember: details are everything when entertaining guests.

I loved the addition of cranberry ice cubes, too. They are so pretty floating around in the coupe.

Frangelico_CCC3124 Frangelico_CCC3553 Happy Holidays and please place some pics in the comments section of your own holiday party. We love seeing what you do for your holiday parties. Cheers xx


Holiday Punch
Serves 16

You will need:

– 6 cups Pomegranate Juice
– 1 cup Lime Juice
– 1 cup Orange Juice
– 1 cup Honey solution

Honey Syrup:

1 cup water and 1 cup honey boiled and reduced about 10 minutes

Mix all ingredients together in a large serving bowl or pitcher. Ladle punch in to ice filled glass.
Garnish with clove stuffed orange slices (or simply with rosemary sprig; the punch’s red color is
gorgeous with this “evergreen” garnish). Serve with cranberry ice cubes.

 Cranberry Ice Cubes:

1 cups raw cranberries

2 ice cube trays, fill the trays with a few cranberries and fill ice cube trays with water and freeze

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