what is takes to produce a series of one minute videos {a love letter to my new staff}

notes notes notes then some more notes
wardrobe for 19 shots
props props for each segment {photo by justin williams}

producing is an art form, as my staff learned this week. we had {19-1 minute} videos to produce in 2 days. yep, that’s right, 19.

i looked at this experience as a way to teach my new assistants what producing entails. i love that they both are so enthusiastic to learn about styling and producing, so…
blissfully they signed on to put the whole production together.

when you have been producing like i have for over 20 years you take for granted the main frame computer you call your brain.
watching their process of producing each segment, was at times painful, but in the end very satisfying. they did a great job!… managing 400 moving parts? well, as Emily said to me “it’s tough, but it’s not boring”. exactly.

what does it take to be a stylist and a producer? i always hear “it must be so glamorous!”
 oh yeah! check out this list

1.manic attention to detail
2.endless energy
3.OCD to the highest degree
4.the constant need to wipe + sweep + clean
5.the unexplainable desire to label everything + stack things in neat piles
6. …and a strong back
* the “great style” thing…well that comes in handy alright… but comes in way after all of the above.

Here is some great behind the scenes snapshots from the shoot~

how to plant the perfect pot 1-2-3!
Emily setting up the easy cheese platter segment, pretty light, pretty lady!
our awesome camera man shooting the gorgeous finished cheese platter
we ate the entire set!
shoot days are exhausting for Dylan…

*keep watching for all these fun, summer “how to” videos that will be posted in the next few months. stay tuned now that you are in on the behind the scenes.

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2 thoughts on “what is takes to produce a series of one minute videos {a love letter to my new staff}

  1. dayka robinson

    i remember those days with brian VERY well! it’s so busy & hectic but SO worth it in the end. can’t wait to see the videos & everything you put together, annette. there’s nothing like having a great assistant to make your work easier & you have TWO! lucky lady 🙂


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