Happenings a La Fortezza this year!

I wanted to give everyone a quick update of happenings at La Fortezza. There are so many exciting things on the horizon for 2022. As many of you already know, my book My Italian Guestbook, is on pre-order. It will be released at the end of June. Thank you to all of you who have already pre-ordered it. It’s a fun book of essays featuring some of the fun and funny stories from past workshops and retreats at La Fortezza. I am happy to report the La Fortezza Table, the La Fortezza Cookbook is now heading to the printers. It will be out fall 2022, and along with the book, I will be introducing a beautiful line of homewares that are inspired by La Fortezza’s style. Much more on that to come.

Nicole and I are wildly working on the new website, where you will be able to purchase all the gorgeous items from the La Fortezza Home Collection and all 5 of my books. It’s a busy but extremely exciting time.

I head back to Italy end of March to work on a very very exciting styling job. There will be more revealed in time, but let’s just say you’re going to go nuts when you see what I am working on. Plus I will be traveling all over Italy.

Once I am back, I will be working on my new YouTube Channel “All About Annette”, my team is amazing, and the producer is the same one that worked on my BravoTV pilot which was called All About Annette many years ago, so I am so excited to be working with him again. The channel will have so much Italy content and of course, we will be cooking out of La Fortezza Cookbook on the channel a ton. I promise it will be informative, funny, and fun. If you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel yet please do it here. You are going to love it so much starting in May. You will meet all the artisans and purveyors in the book, and all of my incredible neighbors.

Well, that’s it for now, please sign up for the newsletter if you’re not on it. We promise not to fill your inbox, but there are some great things coming up.

Make sure to sign up for a workshop if you’re thinking about joining us, Spring is sold out, but we have a few spots left in the Fall Retreats.

xx Annette

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