mothers day picks…{shopping is my life}

I have lots of vendors ask me to put together lists of my picks for mothers day. I will be posting the various sites this week. However I wanted to post my very own selections from some of my favorite fashion sights. I know that I work in the world of shelter and food, but I LOVE fashion, especially from creative sources.

I am super picky so I am very hard to buy for I admit it, but after all I am a stylist, so my family is super used to me. I am totally into brights for summer. I love the classics with a twist. When I was younger I dressed in all the latest and forward fashion. However as I get older I have realized that great styling is the way to go. Like in the home, good quality and less is more. Dressing like the “folk fair” is in the past for me, although it was fun… age has brought fashion wisdom, and hopefully better choices:)

Here are a few of my favorite go to designers and designs. Mother’s Day is around the corner if your Mom is classic with a twist, take a peek. Who knows you may even find a little something for yourself!



Phillip Lim Bag, in yellow



Purple stripe crew from Ann Mashburn


Rebecca Ray Plaited Leather Cuff , I like the red!


Vintage Chanel charm Paris flea market find..ok this might be a tough one to find. But the perfect little vintage charm bracelet is a great gift.


Ann Mashburn, perfect chic little book!


Anthropologie ombre loafers, classic with a twist ( I’m a size 7 btw)

So that’s a 1/2 dozen great choices for me. Remember Mom, remember what we do, remember how much we love you kids! Celebrate and love each other.

Happy Mother’s Day! XO


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