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DIY Monday :: Neon Coil Baskets

theredthread_NeonCoilBowls_Main1 This weekend I purged my closet. Nothing like a great Spring cleaning, right? So instead of tossing my tee shirts, I found this really cool up-cycling project for my tees, I wanted to share with you. These sweet neon coil baskets are made from old t-shirts. What a great way to recycle your closet, right? Turn them into decorative and functional items for the home. I love the neon touches. Tell me about some of the DIYs you have in mind to brighten you home for spring.

theredthread_NeonCoilBowls_main2 DIY Spring Decorating Ideas | Great way to up-cycle any of your old t-shirts!

theredthread_NeonCoilBowls_3   theredthread_NeonCoilBowls_4   theredthread_NeonCoilBowls_5





theredthread_NeonCoilBowls_10-1    theredthread_NeonCoilBowls_main2 theredthread_NeonCoilBowls_Main4

How cute are these?! I think the neon adds just the right trendy touch!

Happy Spring DYI-ing.

Check out instrucitons and the details here.

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Pinning for the Holidays

Pinterest is one of the easiest ways to keep all of your creative ideas and recipes in one place. I’m totally into it. This top board is all Hanukkah related. Lots of treats for the kids (and us of course) as well as some fun crafts.

  • Hanukkah food (donuts – yum!)
  • á croquer
  • blue and white straws

    Holiday treats is another board I’ve been working on. I’ve been pinning lots of fabulous desserts as well as gifting ideas for neighbors and friends. I love kraft paper, so it’s definitely making a repeat appearance! What have you been pinning?

  • wedding cookies
  • bright balls + brown paper bags
  • kraft paper labels
  • candy cane milkshake

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