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DIY Monday :: Neon Coil Baskets

theredthread_NeonCoilBowls_Main1 This weekend I purged my closet. Nothing like a great Spring cleaning, right? So instead of tossing my tee shirts, I found this really cool up-cycling project for my tees, I wanted to share with you. These sweet neon coil baskets are made from old t-shirts. What a great way to recycle your closet, right? Turn them into decorative and functional items for the home. I love the neon touches. Tell me about some of the DIYs you have in mind to brighten you home for spring.

theredthread_NeonCoilBowls_main2 DIY Spring Decorating Ideas | Great way to up-cycle any of your old t-shirts!

theredthread_NeonCoilBowls_3   theredthread_NeonCoilBowls_4   theredthread_NeonCoilBowls_5





theredthread_NeonCoilBowls_10-1    theredthread_NeonCoilBowls_main2 theredthread_NeonCoilBowls_Main4

How cute are these?! I think the neon adds just the right trendy touch!

Happy Spring DYI-ing.

Check out instrucitons and the details here.

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key areas to organize in your home

bdf36a6284d151777e404f9f85058725 Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had a fabulous time celebrating. I had an amazing New Year’s Eve. I was on the Today Show sharing last minute party ideas in the morning and at home with my husband drinking champagne and eating steak frites while watching Casablanca that night. You can check out the Today Show video here.

It’s resolution time! I know many of you will vow to become more organized so I wanted to share some of my best tips with you. I am crazy organized, it’s just how I am so I love helping those who are more challenged in this area because it clears your mind to have an uncluttered space. My biggest tip is to start small. This is always the way I start…

Even the smallest of organizing projects can launch you into a full-on organizing frenzy. In order to keep from being overwhelmed I like to pick one project per week. It’s totally doable and will make a huge difference in your home which will trickle into the rest of your life.

First things first, identify the areas of attack. Let’s go room to room, shall we?

1. Kitchen – check your pantry for expired items and toss accordingly. You will be surprised how quickly your pantry clears out. If you make it a regular practice to toss and check labels your pantry will stay organized. This is also a great time to throw out things that are unhealthy, high in calories, or processed. Clean up your pantry and clean up your diet. This will be hugely helpful if you’re following along on my 21 day juice cleanse. 101751139.jpg.rendition.largest 2. Closet – I like to go through my clothes and purge every 3 months. If you are starting fresh in January with a closet purge, start with reorganizing your jewelry. These display cases are fantastic. I found them in a closet I styled in New Orleans. I loved that the homeowner paired down her collection to only the things she wore regularly. I find that the Container store has some great jewelery storage solutions, I personally love the pocket style storage bags. b87976cd217d13c2a2da2411a2dd8a5d 3. Home office – I work from my home, as many of you do. This is an on-going trend, more and more people are working from home these days. With that being said, staying organized at home is even more important. An organized office makes for an efficient work place. I styled this office for my dear friend Erika Ward for Better Homes and Gardens magazine. As many of you know by now from the behind the scenes I post, as a stylist it is sometimes my job to create spaces with the homeowners for a story. In this case Erika had a great home office, but she and I tweaked it for the shoot. We added this organizational wall. It was a pretty easy fix using IKEA elements, washi tape and some chalk board paint. 25d8e6e1d8a133ec2cc08822949c9202 5. Laundry room – I don’t know about you, but I love a well appointed laundry room. Sometimes this is the easiest room to effectively change. Storage bins and baskets on an added shelf might be all you need. Something decorative like a small piece of artwork makes this work space feel pretty. You want a great place to fold laundry, especially if you’re like me and you spend an awful lot of time there. A quick and easy fix is to color coordinate some pretty soap and laundry products. There are so many available now at any store like Target and Mrs. Meyers detergents and cleaning supplies are some of my go-tos. It makes for instant design and it’s functional too. I also love using galvanized bins from Pottery Barn. Trust me, they will last forever. 9d9abe5ad0059feb2062fcc58ffa91be I would love to hear about your projects. Use the start of the year to challenge yourself to organize your home and create peaceful and beautiful spaces to live in. All the best for 2014, make it a good one. xx

all images styled by me and photographed for Better Homes and Gardens Magazine


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